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About The Program

Nevada PEP understands that children and youth with disabilities including those with mental health needs and their families face challenges that the pandemic has only heightened. More needs to be done to strengthen families to achieve home, community and school success.  

In keeping with our Mission to increase opportunities through education, encouragement, and empowerment activities, we proudly introduce Families SHARE – Solutions for Hope and Resiliency Exchange.  Families SHARE is an interactive program providing tools for families and youth to reduce stress, stay hopeful, and build resilience. 

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Making Friends

Reduce Stress

Stress is the body’s natural response to a challenge or demand, but it can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Here, you’ll find tips, tools, and resources to help you and your family remain calm and keep unwanted stress at bay.

Share With Others

Join the Families SHARE Facebook group!  Connect with other PEP families and exchange tools that help you reduce stress, stay hopeful, and build resilience.

Stay Hopeful

Hope is a significant protective factor in tackling feelings of helplessness.  When we stay hopeful, our happiness increases, and our quality of life improves.  Look here for activities, strategies, and ideas to help you and your family stay hopeful.

Build Resilience

Resilience helps us rebound from setbacks, resist unhealthy coping mechanisms, and adapt to life’s trials.  Building resilience won’t make problems go away, but it will help us manage challenges and improve mental health.  This is the place for apps, sites, and exercises to help you and your family build resilience.

Additional Resources


Lifelong guide for those who learn and think differently. 

Simple Interactions

On a mission to encourage, enrich and empower human interactions around children and their helpers.

Child Mind Institute

Evidence-based resources to spark important conversations and teach your kids a set of essential mental health skills.

Greater Good Magazine

Science-based insights for a meaningful life.

Tufts HOPE

Healthy outcomes from positive experiences.

Stigma Free Society

Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance

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