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This section provides information and resources for families on various disability related topics, including our PEP POST newsletters, E-Newsletters, and  much more.

About PEP

What is Nevada PEP Flyer
What is Nevada PEP Trifold
What is a Parent Training and Information Center?
What is a Statewide Family Network?
Children’s Mental Health

What are Family Support Services?
Parent Guide to Wraparound
Mobile Crisis Response Team Northern NV
Hope Means Nevada

Youth Psychiatric Services NDCFS
Suicide Proofing Your Home
Positive Solutions for Families
Mobile Crisis Response Team Southern NV
Supporting Families With PBIS at Home
Returning to School: Considerations for Students with the Most Intensive Behavioral Needs

Disability Fact Sheets

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
CDC Milestone Checklist (Birth to Age 5)
Developmental Delay
Emotional Disturbance
Intellectual Disabilities
It’s the ‘Person First’ Then the Disability
Speech & Language Impairments
Traumatic Brain Injury
Asperger Syndrome
Intellectual Disability
Cerebral Palsy
Deafness and Hearing Loss
Down Syndrome
Learning Disabilities
Other Health Impairment
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Spina Bifida
Visual Impairments, including Blindness
En Español

Los Niños y La Salud Mental
Respuesta a la Intervención 
Nevada PEP-Centro de Padres de Nevada 
Inclusion Exitosa 
educacion especial padres sustitutos
Consejos para Estudiantes con Discapacidades que Piensan ir a la Universidad
Guía Rápida de Padres Del Programa Wraparound
Conversando con Niños Sobre la Violencia
Red Estatal de la Familia
Consejos para las reuniones
Comunicación en el Proceso de Educación Especial
Folleto de PEP

Educacion Especial Padres Sustitutos 
¿Qué es Nevada PEP? 
La abogacía efectiva es la clave en una era de Fomento
Servicios de Apoyo a la Familia
Prácticas Escolares Basadas en Evidencia: Una Guía para los Padres
Colaborando por los Niños
Servicios de Apoyo a la Familia
Equipo de Crisis Móvil
Apoyo de Educación a Distancia Para Familias
Sugerencias para Evaluar y Mejorar el Programa de su Niño
Soluciones Positivas para Familias
PEP Publications

Hand In Hand Yearbooks

2020 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2018 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2016 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2014 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2012 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2010 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2008 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2019 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2017 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2015 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2013 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2011 Hand In Hand Yearbook
2009 Hand In Hand Yearbook

PEP Post

2019 Summer PEP Post
2016 Winter PEP Post
2012 Winter PEP Post
2011 Fall PEP Post

2017 Winter PEP Post
2014 Winter PEP Post
2012 Fall PEP Post

CFC Communiqué

2020 Winter CFC Communiqué
2018 Summer CFC Communiqué
2016 Spring CFC Communiqué
2013 Spring CFC Communiqué

2019 Spring CFC Communiqué
2017 Spring CFC Communiqué
2014 Winter CFC Communiqué
2012 Fall CFC Communiqué

Effective Advocacy
Communication within the Special Education Process
Conversations With Our Children

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth After a Shooting
COVID19 Family Guide
What Parents Can Do to Protect Children’s Mental Health During Remote Learning
Special Education In a Pandemic
Childhood Mental Health In The Time Of COVID-19.
Distance Education Support For Families
Early Intervention and Early Childhood

Individualized Family Service Plan
Young Children with Challenging Behavior
Backpack Series – Disappointment & Sadness
Backpack Series – Expectations & Attention
Backpack Series – Morning routines
Help Us To Have A Good Day
How to Prepare Your child for Kindergarten
Dispute Resolution Process Chart
Positive Solutions for Families
Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers – Behavior is Communication
Backpack Series – Frustration & Anger
Backpack Series – Transition & Label Emotions
Help Us Stay Calm
How to Communicate with Early Childhood Professionals
Transitioning from Early Childhood to Kindergarten
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Parent’s Guide to Response Intervention
School Accommodations and Modifications
Assistive Technology
Surrogate Parents
What is a Functional Assessment?
Evidence-Based Practices at School
Special Education – What Do I Need to Know?
Successful Inclusion
Use Questions to Find Answers
Your Rights in Special Education, What A Great Idea!

Transition Guide
Tips For College Bound Students With Disabilities
Talking With Your Young Adult About Underage Drinking
Transition Checklist
NDE Alternative Diploma Guidance
Catch Your Dream: Student Guide to Transition Planning
Your Rights In Special Education, What A Great Idea
High School Graduation Requirements
Transition Goals in the IEP
Career Development for Youth With Disabilities

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