School Resources

School Resources

Please visit the resources below. These handouts can assist you in meeting the needs for all students. If you need additional information, you can reach out to Nevada PEP at, or visit the Contact Page.
Spanish resources for families are available here.


What is PEP?
Special Education in a Pandemic
Special Education Booklet
OSEP Fast Facts
PEP Tip: Inclusion
Q&A: COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities
Drama: Is It Happening to You?
Bullying and Cyberbullying Brochure
Nevada Bullying Reporting and Investigation Process
Bullying and Harassment of Students with Disabilities
Engaging Parents in Productive Partnerships
5 Essentials for Engaging Families and Community Partners in Reopening Efforts
Family-Teacher Partnerships
Power of Relationships
Strategies for Success in Local Early Childhood Parent Outreach Activities Among Diverse Cultures
Getting Off to a Good Start: Positive Interactions With Diverse Families
Nevada’s Family Engagement Framework
Help Us Stay Calm: Strategies to Help During Challenging Behavior
Positive Solutions for Families
Supporting Children with Mental Health and Behavioral Needs in Special Education: Crisis Plans
Example of Positive Behavioral Intervention
How to Give Clear Directions
How to Teach Your Child to
Appropriately Get Your Attention
Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Fact Sheet
Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet
Person-First Language for Individuals with
Sample Advocacy Plan
Transition to Adulthood, Who Plans and Why
Catch Your Dream
What a Great IDEA
Guide to Response to Intervention
Resource Round-Up: Evidence Based Strategies to Cultivate Early Literacy Skills as Schools Reopen
Assistive Technology 101
Q&A: Common Core and Universal Design for Learning
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Strategies for Principals, Teachers, and Parents


The Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships
Dr. Karen Mapp

Supporting Students Through Response to Intervention
American Institutes for Research

OSEP Fast Facts: Race and Ethnicity of Children with Disabilities Served under IDEA Part B

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