Youth Move Nevada is Named Youth Move National Chapter of the Year

Youth MOVE Nevada is committed and driven to representing the authentic youth voice. We are passionate about using our lived experience to influence systems change and remove the stigma placed on mental health. In light of COVID-19, we pivoted and continued to support and engage youth across Nevada through virtual poetry slams, podcasts, and Twitter chats on topics that represent youth culture. Also, we acted on the needs we heard and increased our once a month meetings to weekly meetings where we have seen great growth from our members. All the while, we have made sure that our voices are heard at systems meetings like juvenile justice and regional consortiums, and also at conference presentations and trainings with community partners and organizations. There is still a lot of work to be done, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to continue advocating for youth and with youth directly and in systems.

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Our Podcast

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Podcast Episodes
Resources Ep. 13
What is Health Anxiety?
Health Anxiety Disorder
How I Cope with Health Anxiety

Resources Ep. 12
What Can You Do to Help?
National Federation of Families
Awareness Week Tool Kit

Resources Ep. 11
Five Ways to Help Teens Build a Sense of Self-Worth
How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?

Resources Ep. 10
Building Family Resiliency
Helping Young People Gain Resilience During the Pandemic

Resources Ep. 9
Developmental Relationships Framework (Search Institute)

Resources Ep. 8
Overcoming Stigma (Mayo Clinic)
Stigma Free Me (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Resources Ep. 7
Body Image (Teen Talk)
Learning To Live With and Love Your Body (Mount Sinai)

Resources Ep. 6
Seasonal Affective Disorder (Teens Health)
Dealing With Family Stress And Its Effects On Troubled Youth During The Holidays

Resources Ep. 5
Bullying Defined (Pacer)
What Youth Can Do If They Are Experiencing Bullying (Pacer)
Bullying statistics (Pacer)
What Youth Can Do to Help Peers
Who Are Experiencing Bullying (Pacer)

Resources Ep. 4
How to Protect Yourself & Others (CDC)
Supporting Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic (NIMH)
How Teenagers Can Protect Their Mental Health During COVID-19 (UNICEF)
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Adolescents and Youth (WHO)

Resources Ep. 3
Self-Advocacy Term Descriptions (Pacer)
Be Your Own Best Advocate (Pacer)
Youth in Action! (NCWD)

Resources Ep. 2
Youth Voice Tip Sheet (Freechild)
The End of Youth Voice (Freechild)
Principles of Authentic Youth Voice (Freechild)

Resources Ep.1
Sleep & Young People (Headspace)
Guide to Healthy Sleep (DHHS)
Sleep & Young People (Orygen)
Be Your Own Best Advocate (Pacer)

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Youth Move Nevada: Be Engaged, Be Heard, Make a Difference!
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Who we Are

We are a youth inspired and youth led organization that encourages and empowers our youth peers to unite together to engage with youth serving systems. We recognize the power of lived experience and are also a strengths based bridge to improving support services for youth, by youth, through our shared experience and expertise.

What We Do

A diverse collective that wants youth to be in a position where they are able to educate and articulate their needs to the service systems they are involved in. We want youth to develop self-advocacy skills, create systems change and remove the stigma placed on mental health.

How We Do It

• Monthly meetings
• Community activities
• Youth trainings
• Youth voice in systems change
• Support each other
• Have fun

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