Families Share Stay Hopeful

Stay Hopeful

Hope is a significant protective factor in tackling feelings of helplessness.  When we stay hopeful, our happiness increases, and our quality of life improves.  Look here for activities, strategies, and ideas to help you and your family stay hopeful.

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“Peptoc” Hotline Offers Words of Hope From Students

Students at a tiny rural California elementary school are offering free pep talks for everyone.

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Eleven Films That Highlight the Best in Humanity

Movies from the past year that exemplify optimism, love, empathy, and other keys to our well-being.

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Goodwill Project at California School Goes Viral

Educator Stephen Leeper shares what he learned from gratitude journaling with his students. 

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The Science Of Happiness Podcast

Episode 108: The Case for Believing in Yourself. Our guest tries a practice in optimism by imagining her brightest future.

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Woebot App

Meet Woebot, your personal mental health ally that helps you get back to feeling like yourself. Backed by clinical research, powered by AI.

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Stay Hopeful During COVID-19

Mental Health First Aid article on the importance of staying hopeful during the pandemic.

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How to Find Joy and Hope During COVID Times

Strategies to find joy and hope in troubling times.
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How The Documentary “2e: Twice Exceptional” Made Me A More Hopeful Parent

How one parent derived hope from watching a documentary.
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Messages of Hope to Help During COVID-19

Prayers to keep hope during trying times.
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16 Best Happiness Podcasts That’ll Uplift You

List of podcasts to help foster positivity in your life.

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Five Reasons To Be Hopeful in 2022

Here are five global health trends to be optimistic about in 2022.

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The 6 Best Happiness Apps to Improve Well-Being

Six Apps that you’ll want to ring home about.

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Can we feel more hopeful in 2022?

Experts are optimistic about the new year, even as they don’t expect things to return exactly to the way they were before the pandemic.
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What Is Sympathetic Joy and How Can You Feel More of It?

Science is discovering how we can be happy with other people and why that’s good for us.
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The Midday Reset Podcast “When Bad Days Happen”

Bad days happen to all of us. Here are some strategies I’ve learned for coping that I hope can help you, too.
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