PEP Talks

PEP Talks

Welcome to PEP Talks, a podcast where we discuss issues related to Nevada PEP’s mission to increase the opportunities for home, community and school success for children with disabilities.


Episode 003: Back to School

Every new school year can be stressful for students and their families.  In this episode, Kendra, Robin and Brittney talk about concerns that parents might have and tips for supporting their students.

Episode 002: Improving Your Child’s Reading

In this special podcast episode, hear from Robin and Kendra about how parents can engage their child’s school in conversation about reading and literacy. Learn what questions you can ask your child’s teacher and resources that are available to continue and improve their reading skills.

Episode 001: Advocacy

In this episode Kendra, Allison, and Char talk about Advocacy, and how parents can better advocate for their child in schools and elsewhere.


8 Steps to Advocating For Your Child at School
Why Your Child Needs You to Become an Advocate
Effective Advocacy is Key
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