Our Team


Bryce Loveland

Kelly Wooldridge
Vice Chairperson

Rita Varney

Retta Dermody

Kate Lowenhar-Fisher

Patricia Leavitt


Karen Taycher
Executive Director

Natalie Filipic
Director of Operations

Robin Kincaid
Director of Educational Services

Stephanie Vrsnik
Community Development Director

Allison Stephens
Statewide Family Network Director


Ashlee Forman
Transition Specialist

Brittney Cabrera
Family Specialist

Brittney Young
Family Support Specialist

Chad Uhl
Social Media & Internet Marketing Specialist

Char Frost
Program Coordinator 

Dan Sapp
Family Specialist 

Daniel Leal
Youth Facilitator,  Youth M.O.V.E. Nevada

Diane Lombardo
Community Education Specialist

Joanna Gonzalez
Family Specialist

Kathryn McKay
Information and Training Specialist

Kendra Gipson
Family Voice Facilitator  

Kenneth Taycher
Special Projects Mentor

Lexie Beck
Youth Facilitator, Youth M.O.V.E. Nevada

Liliana  Resendez
Family Support Specialist

Louis Renshaw
Transition Specialist

Lyn Morales
Statewide Family Network Coordinator

Lynn Curns
Family Specialist  

Magdalena Ruiz
Family Support Services Manager

Michele Jennings
Information and Training Specialist          

Ryley Harris
Youth Mentor, Youth M.O.V.E. Nevada       

Sara Nunez
Program Accountability Manager

Susana DeNeef
Communication Specialist   

Suzie Glenn
Transition Specialist

Zelinna Palma
Office Manager

Selfie style group staff photo
Announcements on stage at a PEP event
Group PEP team photo
Group PEP team photo
Bryce Loveland at a PEP event
group PEP photo with paintings
Group PEP photo wearing blue

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