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16 Ways to Help Children Become Thoughtful, Informed, and BRAVE About Race

Broken into four sections, an article from is a useful resource for parents looking for guidance on how to address race directly with their children.

One of the many important points the article makes, is that children are already receiving messages about race every day of their lives. Knowing this, it only make sense to understand what they’re already learning, and make sure that you as a parent are involved in that education.

The four sections discussed in the article are:

  • Start early
  • Let your child see you do your own work
  • Learn about others and about yourself
  • Raise a changemaker

To read this insightful article, and begin teaching your child about race and how it impacts the world around them, please click the link below:

Este artículo también está disponible en español, para verlo, haga clic en el siguiente enlace:

For more information on EmbraceRace, please click their logo below:

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Alice Eaddy, a black deafblind advocate, discusses the nationwide protests against racial injustice.

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This video introduces us to Alice Eaddy, the Black Lives Matter movement, and its relationship to the Disability Activism of her youth. She talks about advocacy strategies, knowing your goals, and communication. She asks the question, “where do you want the change to come from?” to illustrate that an effective social movement needs to have diverse group of activists.

– Review from Kenny Taycher

Nevada PEP Stands In Solidarity With The Black Community

Nevada PEP stands in solidarity with the black community and all those affected by the most recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmed Aubrey, among far too many others. We recognize the prevailing systemic racism that endures our nation’s past and present and acknowledge the injustices that have occurred. These incidents and the systems that support their occurrences cry out for a change that demands equity.

As a disability organization, we acknowledge that, historically, the Disability Rights community and the Civil Rights community have stood together and advocated against discriminatory practices on the basis of sex, religion, gender, race, disability, or age. One of the most famous examples of our unity was the historic 504 Sit-in of 1977. We will continue to uphold this legacy as part of our mission and are committed to creating an inclusive community. We also will uplift the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities who are also black because their voices too often go unheard.

We pledge to our community that we will continue educating ourselves, listening, and working together to create communities where each and every person can thrive. We will continue fighting for an equitable world that provides access and values all persons equally.

In Loving Memory of Sam Lieberman

Group photo with Sam Lieberman in lunchroom

Nevada PEP is mourning the loss of our very own PEPper, Sam Lieberman. Sam was a strong advocate in the Disability Movement and for education. As a long time Board member for Nevada PEP, Sam dedicated his time and his talents to families of children with disabilities.

He brought his unique humor and larger-than-life personality not only to the Board meetings, but also making his way around the PEP office, at events such as “Mondays Dark” and even to social gatherings such as our staff holiday party’s or our Annual Run Walk Roll Against Bullying events. Although we were shocked and saddened to hear of his sudden passing, we know that Sam’s legacy lives on through Nevada PEP. Thank you, Sam, for all of the wonderful moments and memories. Your Nevada PEP Family.

  • Sam Lieberman, Nevada PEP’s Board Chair and Retta Dermody, our Director of Programs and Services for the Satellite office.
  • Sam Lieberman with others at a PEP event
  • Group photo with Sam Lieberman in lunchroom
  • Sam Lieberman with another man at a PEP event.
  • Sam Lieberman with others
  • Group photo with Sam Lieberman at a Barnes And Noble PEP event
  • Sam Lieberman with others
  • Sam Lieberman in a group photo at a Baldy Bash
  • Group photo with Sam Lieberman
  • Sam Lieberman at a dinner
  • Sam Lieberman with others at a pep event
  • Sam Lieberman at a conference
  • Sam Lieberman at a conference
  • Sam Lieberman and Karen Taycher
  • Sam Lieberman at a holiday event with others
  • SamLieberman at a PEP event
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