In Loving Memory Of Terri Hall Peltier

The Nevada PEP family is grieving the loss of a very special lady, Terri Hall Peltier, board member and friend for over 15 years. Terri was an amazing educator who dedicated her life to students. Her expertise and experience lead to success for children with special needs and their families. Terri was a strong advocate for students with disabilities and those with mental health needs. She shared her vast knowledge with educators, families and students to prevent bullying in schools.

Terri brought her special sparkle, passion and dedication to the Nevada PEP board. She was always there to support the PEP family and promote Nevada PEP through active participation in our annual team building conferences, in our Run Walk and Roll against Bullying, and at several events to bring awareness to children’s mental health needs. The Nevada PEP family is mourning her passing and is so thankful for having Terri in our life. Terri Hall Peltier’s legacy lives on in all the individuals that she touched in her life. Thank you, Terri, for the years of education, empowerment and encouragement. Your Nevada PEP Family.

  • Terri with a group in front of a PEP office
  • Terri at an anti-bullying event
  • Terri at an anti Bullying event
  • Terri outside with sunglasses
  • Terri with others at a PEP event
  • Terri with others at a PEP event
  • Terri with others at a PEP event
  • Terri and Doug at a PEP event

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute!! We are were impacted for the better knowing this beautiful lady!! She is solely missed!!

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