Governor Proclaims May as Mental Health Awareness Month

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has proclaimed the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Please view the proclamation below!

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  1. Where are the resources for the adults is Las Vegas with mental health disabilities? I have an adult son who is Autistic and suffers from SEVERE Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia and we are desperate for help. All the police ever do is throw him in jail (where he gets beat up) and not taken to the hospital where he needs to go or at least contact his parent when he is picked up. The judicial systems treats him like a criminal because he falls into a small crack where he is lost in the system because he DOES NOT SELF MEDICATE and suffers from multiple disabilities. He desperately tries to live a functioning, self-sufficient life but has a hard time keeping a job or making friends, keeping a roof over his head, finding activities, getting to his appointments, from being lonely, and so much more. I am his only resource, and I am about to loose my mind while trying to keep my own life together. Nevada is one of the worst states for Mental Health. WHERE IS THE SUPPORT Mr. Governor? You haven’t said any more than we already know in your proclamation. This state does NOT support “the prevention or early intervention” Your talk is cheap! All I ever get from law enforcement when I need help (trying to prevent a tragedy) is “it’s not against the law to have mental illness” “he’s going to have to cause damage or hurt somebody first”! WHY SHOULD IT TAKE A TRAGEDY TO GET HELP? The state of Utah “Orem” Police Department has a online form that can be filled out notifying their PD of people with special needs so when they are “LOST” or need help their names are put into a system and RED FLAGGED and then properly cared for when picked up. In CA you can call the PD and get assistance right away, they will pick them up and take them directly to a hospital BEFORE tragedy occurs. Again, WHERE IS THE SUPPORT? THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE FAMILY THAT LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM AND DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROCLOMATION PROVIDING?

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