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Nevada PEP is pleased to offer these prerecorded webinars that you can access at your convenience. Simply select which webinar you would like to access in the menu below! Please click the “CC” button below videos to enable Closed Captions.

Behavior and Discipline in Schools

Participants will learn the components of the discipline process under IDEA and gain strategies that can help children manage their behavior. Understanding Positive Behavior Supports, Nevada’s laws on Aversive Interventions, suspension and expulsion policies will give participants strategies to help children reach success. During the webinar, the trainer will reference handouts that provide additional information on the topic.
Please download these handouts and have them ready for reference. 

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Considering College? Learn What’s Available and How to Get It

Thinking about going to college? This workshop will guide you in where to go, what to ask, and how to apply to help you get ready for the next chapter of your life as a college student. You will be provided a “You Can Do It!” workbook to assist you with gathering information to better prepare you for your post-secondary education. Parents and students are encouraged to attend this workshop together.

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Getting That First Job

Both parents and students will learn an overview of the realities of employment for youth. Topics include career planning, the role of families and suggestions to increase the likelihood of being hired for a job.

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How Is My Child Reading?

This workshop focuses on helping participants understand terms that are used when discussing reading and writing. Learning the building blocks of literacy will answer this question and give parents the confidence to discuss reading scores with school staff. Don’t miss this workshop full of valuable information on how students learn to read and write.

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Making the Most Out of Your Baby’s Early Intervention Services

Parents who have concerns about their child’s development often feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. Early intervention services can help your infant or toddler with a disability learn, grow, and meet milestones. This workshop is for families of children under the age of three who want to learn more about the free services that are available to enhance their baby’s development.

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Six Advocacy Tips That Turn No’s Into Yes’s

Are you tired of being told “No”? You are the expert on your child and you know what your child needs. Learn how to get it with these six amazing advocacy strategies! 

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Understanding Section 504 and Civil Rights

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504. Their purpose is to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will improve their academic success and access to the learning environment.

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Bullies, Targets, and Bystanders: Responses That Work 

While bullying doesn’t always leave bruises or broken bones, it can leave deep emotional scars that last a lifetime. Bullying is a serious issue that occurs throughout our schools everyday and, without intervention, bullying can lead to serious academic, social, emotional, and legal problems. Don’t miss this class full of responses to bullying that really work.

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Evaluation and Response to Intervention (RtI)

Evaluation and determining eligibility are key elements in special education.  Participants in this workshop will learn about the process that determines the need for special education and related services.

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Help Your Child Focus on Learning

Do you find that homework and other tasks can be challenging for your child to complete? Learn about the difficulties children have with focusing, their different learning styles, and strategies that can help you help your child focus better.

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Introduction to Individualized Education Programs

Parents are key members of their child’s IEP team. This workshop is an introduction to the Individualized Education Program (IEP), including how to use evaluations to write measurable goals, as well as strategies to help parents become more active participants in their child’s IEP meetings.

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Procedural Safeguards

Parents will discuss their rights through procedural safeguards in IDEA providing the groundwork for parent participation and decision making that is built into special education law. Learn information about resolution meetings, mediation, and the state complaint process.

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Transition Planning: Navigating Your Future

Both parents and students will learn an overview of the transition requirements in the IEP, including strategies they can use for effective transition planning as the students move toward college, employment, and living independently.

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Destrezas Para una Abogacía Eficaz de Parte de los Padres

Aprenda seis habilidades importantes que usted puede utilizar para convertirse en un defensor más efectivo para su hijo con una discapacidad. Las técnicas de comunicación le ayudarán a sentirse más confiado abogar por su hijo.

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Introducción al Curso del IEP

No pierda la oportunidad de darle un repaso a su conocimiento del IEP! Este webinar ayuda a los padres que tengan mas confianza en la participación y las decisiones hacia el IEP de su hijo. Durante el seminario, el instructor usará de referencia los folletos que proporcionar información adicional sobre el tema.

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¿Es Su Hijo un Blanco de Bullying?

Muchos estudiantes faltan a la escuela a causa de la intimidación. Acosadores tienden a centrarse en los niños que se consideran: “diferentes”. Este taller ofrece estrategias de intervención para ayudar a las familias a enfrentar y prevenir el acoso escolar.

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