Nevada Under Federal Investigation Related to Treatment of Children With Behavioral Issues

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada Investigated by the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is investigating the State of Nevada. The complaint filed by the Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center is looking into whether Nevada unnecessarily relies on institutions that are in or out of state, that treat children with behavioral health conditions. The complaint states that, because of the lack of community-based mental health treatment for children, parents or the courts must send children to out of state facilities. Additionally, when the children come back into the home there are very few support services available.  

Parents, do you have information that you would like to share about your personal experience, due to lack of mental health services for your child? Contact Outreach Coordinator Sarah Louise Malks at 202-598-5344 or

Nevada’s Correctional Facilities Investigated 

In January, the Department of Justice announced that it was investigating the State of Nevada for the use of pepper spray at two juvenile correctional facilities run by the Nevada Juvenile Justice Service. The investigation is focused on the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko and the Summit View Youth Center in Las Vegas to determine whether staff at the two facilities violated youth’s rights under the Constitution.  

The civil rights division’s special litigation section is conducting this investigation. Parents, do you have relevant information that you want to share? Was your child placed in any of these two facilities? Call  1-833-591-0426 or email at  

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