Nevada Under Federal Investigation Related to Treatment of Children With Behavioral Issues

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada Investigated by the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is investigating the State of Nevada. The complaint filed by the Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center is looking into whether Nevada unnecessarily relies on institutions that are in or out of state, that treat children with behavioral health conditions. The complaint states that, because of the lack of community-based mental health treatment for children, parents or the courts must send children to out of state facilities. Additionally, when the children come back into the home there are very few support services available.  

Parents, do you have information that you would like to share about your personal experience, due to lack of mental health services for your child? Contact Outreach Coordinator Sarah Louise Malks at 202-598-5344 or

Nevada’s Correctional Facilities Investigated 

In January, the Department of Justice announced that it was investigating the State of Nevada for the use of pepper spray at two juvenile correctional facilities run by the Nevada Juvenile Justice Service. The investigation is focused on the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko and the Summit View Youth Center in Las Vegas to determine whether staff at the two facilities violated youth’s rights under the Constitution.  

The civil rights division’s special litigation section is conducting this investigation. Parents, do you have relevant information that you want to share? Was your child placed in any of these two facilities? Call  1-833-591-0426 or email at  

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  1. Martha Kulesza the sending of a message requires a clear, concise message, not your rantings!

  2. My child’s Kindergarten experience was somewhat of a disaster in the classroom. He was denied an IEP because he is extremely bright and verbally advanced so he has all A’s in school. However, he is unable to manage his behavior without one on one adult intervention, and teachers don’t have time for that. The school sent home a survey asking what we need to help our child succeed in school and my reply was I need a behavior plan and accommodations to help my child manage his behaviors in the classroom. I do not have the $1,600. required to get testing for a diagnosis. I used my EAP from work and the Psychologist mom shamed me saying I am too permissive which is why my child misbehaves. Are you kidding me? I have implemented a rewards chart with real consequences and I follow through, but my child needs something more that will actually help. The school has suspended my child for 5 days, boys and girls club suspended my child for 3 days. Suspensions are not the answer, that will just put me out of work. He needs behavioral help. He is going into 1st grade this year and I am praying we get a teacher who is knowledgeable about child development and behavior and who is given the resources to help my child with his behavior. In Kindergarten, it was 100% on the teacher to figure it out. We are not experts but we are seeking solutions and need help. I remember when I was 8 and in the 3rd grade, my teacher put my desk inside of a refrigerator box in the back of the classroom because I couldn’t manage my behavior either. I’m not sure if excluding children is the answer to behavioral issues. I am desperate for help and begging my child to be calm and gentle but he struggles and needs more help than I know how to give.

  3. As a person who works for Washoe County School District and a parent who’s son has a speech delay and more than likely ADHD(they won’t test him due to it not affect his grades) I see that there are literally no resources for parents with children with behavioral problems. The class I’m in is one for Pre-K developmental and behavioral issues and we work has hard as we can with the children so that they can go be with typical peers but if they have more than just those then there is really only one option for that children and parents. I know parents feel so alone without any resources to help with anything, money with questions or even support groups. Nevada could do so much better for the special needs community in the school districts, but then again even the typical children are still being left without an education.

  4. Nevada lacks proper resources and financial assistance for families and children with developmental and behavior delays or problems help for single parents making it virtually impossible to work thus having no financial foundation for the future care of the children. ONE OF SEVERAL states where parents dont get paid when we are full time caregivers to our children without a choice if you don’t have financial help from family your barely surviving. A life of isolation WITH LITTLE chance FOR A BRIGHT future for either child or parent ITS very sad.

  5. I totally agree that the district is totally out in left field. If your child doesn’t fit the one mold in their agenda, then your child is out of luck. I’m thinking they’re leaving 60% of children behind.

  6. PEP is one of the few organizations that has totally helped my with my special needs child. I could not be more unimpressed with Clark County School District in Las Vegas. Nevada. They have zero idea of how to help educate a child that needs a multi-sensory approach to learning. As a former educator of 27 years, I simply cannot believe teachers have not been trained on this approach to learning. Trying to convey my message to the principal of the school is a joke. She is unapproachable and cops an attitude when suggestions are mentioned. I’m looking at a due process lawsuit if his IEP is out of compliance next year. It was out of compliance this year and I let it slide because of the distance learning. Face to face instruction will begin in the fall and only time will tell if my sons needs are being met.

    Martha Kulesza

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